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Enormous Enterprise LLC is nominated to India’s 500 Most Promising Information Technology company.

Enormous Enterprise LLC is nominated to India’s 500 Most Promising Information Technology company.

Nomination Certificate

Peoplesoft UPK Content Developer Trainer in Chicago, IL

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The Opportunity: 

 Enormous Enterprise LLC is looking for Peoplesoft UPK Content Developer Trainer


  • Expert-level experience with PeopleSoft, UPK, Finance 9.2, Campus Solutions, and other related areas
  • Expert-level experience with configuration
  • Expert-level experience with training development, documentation, and delivery
  • Experience conducting training to end users of PeopleSoft


  • Experienced in/with Higher Education
  • Experienced as a Functional Lead

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Certification in Digital Marketing & Promotion

Certification in Digital Marketing & Promotion

1. Fundamentals Of Web Media & Technologies

2. Website Planning, Structure & Design

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

4. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

5. Social Media Marketing

9. Online Display Advertising

10. E-Commerce Marketing

11. Lead Generation Techniques

14. Online Reputation Management

15. Internet Marketing Strategy

16. Content Management Systems (CMS)

19. Interviews & Job Profile Requirements

20. Freelancing Assignment & Projects

Fundamentals Of Web Media & Technologies

● What is Digital Marketing?

● Understanding Marketing Process

● Why Digital Marketing Wins over traditional Marketing?

● Understanding Digital marketing Process

o Increasing Visibility

▪ What is Visibility?

▪ Types of visibility

▪ Examples of visibility

o Visitors Engagement

▪ What is engagement?

▪ Why it is important?

Website Planning, Structure & Design

Difference between Internet & Web

Understanding domain names & domain extensions

What is web server & web hosting?

Planning & Conceptualising a Website

● Based on Functionality

● Based on Purpose

● Identifying objective of website

● Deciding on Number of pages Required

● Planning for Engagement options

● Creating Blueprint of every webpage

● Best & Worst Examples

Building website using CMS in Class

Booking a Domain Name & web hosting

Adding domain Name to web server

Adding web pages & content


● What is On-page Optimization

● Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner

● How to select Domain Name?

● Page Naming {URL Structuring} and Folder Naming

● Image Naming, Image Title and ALT Tags Creation

● What are Meta Tags – Description, Keywords, Author, Country, Robots

● SEO Friendly Content Writing {Insert keywords in content}

● Robots.txt file use and creation

● Site Tracking Tools (Google Webmaster Tool, Google Analytics Tool)

● Why is Alexa Rank Important?

● What is Off-page Optimization?

● Difference between Do-Follow and No-Follow Backlinks

● Article writing and submissions

● Press Release writing and submissions

● Blog posting and comment writing

● Link Exchange (one way, two way and three way)

● What is Search Engine Algorithms?

● Why Search Engine need to update its Algorithm?

● Search Engine Penalties and Recoveries.

● Why Search Engine penalize a website?

● What is Google Panda Algorithm?

● Google Mobile Friendly Update

● Google EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update

● How to save your site from Google Panda, Penguin and EMD Update?

● How to recover your site from Panda, Penguin and EMD?


Search Engine Marketing Overview

● Rule based personalization of marketing at internet scale

● Overview of Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing

● Other Leading player like Yahoo! Bing Network, BuySellAds, AdRoll, 7Search, Infolinks, Kontextua,,

AdLandmark, Sponsored Tweets, ADsmonster

● PPC definition & its functioning

● Important Terms – Conversion Rate, Geo-targeting, PPA, Click fraud, Exact match, Broad match, Landing page,

● Setting objectives, goals & expectations

● Actionable metrics for performance measurements

● Formulating account structure

● Effective segmentation of keywords

● Usage of multiple match types

● Understanding industry key-drivers

● Compelling ads that increase click-through- rate's (CTR) lower costs

● Understanding, Analyzing & Improving – Relevance & Quality score

● Improve conversion rates, targeted ads & relevant landing pages

● Best practices like using features such as reviews, +1 button etc.

● Understanding advance functionality

● Manual vs. Automated bid management

● Different bid management features like CPA bidding, position preference etc.

● Set campaign objectives & goals

● Monitor PPC activity with Google Analytics

● Understand & connect with the user

● Benefit from search behavior of prospective customer

● Integrate PPC account with Google Analytics

● Understanding reports and define the future plan of action

SEM Management (Other Opportunities)

● Optimize the display network campaigns

● Track & measure views through conversions

Are you Hiring Niche skills – Enormous Enterprise is the right company for your to help you in your search

If you are hiring any niche skills you have reached the right place. just drop you need to us skills we have expertise are Applian BPM, IBM BPM, Vignette, Liferay, OIM, OAM, Bigfix, BigData, Cloud and other similar skills from Developers to PM/Solutions Architect.

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