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Oracle Demantra Skills Enhancement / Training

We are proud to announce that we are starting Oracle Demantra Training shortly, if you are interested in attending Oracle Demantra Training please share your resume to with contact details

Course Contents:

Understanding Demand Management
Understanding Demand Driven Adaptive Planning
Understanding Where Demand Management Fits and Interacts With the Oracle Value Chain Planning Solution
Understanding the Elements of the Demantra Solution
Understanding the Demand Management Process
Navigating the Collaborator Workbench and Worksheets

Using the Collaborator Workbench
Navigating Within Worksheets and Views
Interpreting Data Shown in Worksheets
Analyzing Results at Different Levels of Aggregation
Changing Data in a Worksheet
Creating a New Worksheet and Personalizing the Collaborator Workbench
Understabnding Series and Time

Describing Series
Describing Demantra Base Tables
Describing Server and Client Expressions
Describing How Demantra Aggregates and Disaggregates Data
Describing How Demantra Uses Proportional Calculation Series
Describing Time Options in Worksheets
Using the Worksheet Designer to Customize Series and Time in a Worksheet
Understanding Levels

Describing Levels
Understanding Where Levels are Created and Modified
Using the Worksheet Designer to Customize Aggregation Levels in a Worksheet
Understanding Filtering and Exceptions and Formatting the Worksheet Display

Understanding the Behavior of Filters and Learn How to Apply Filters to Worksheets
Understanding the Open/Open With Right-click Menu Options
Understanding the Relationship of Embedded Worksheets to Their Container Worksheet, Advantages and Disadvantages
Creating an Embedded Worksheet
Customizing the Layout of Worksheets
Creating Content Panes
Changing Placement of Content Modules in the Collaborator Workbench
Understanding Forecasting

Understanding the Role of Forecasting in Demand Planning
Understanding the Differences Between Batch and Simulation Engines
Adjusting a Forecast and Running Simulations to Perform What-if Modeling
Adding Notes to Combinations/Levels in a Worksheet
Reviewing a Worksheet Audit Trail
Sharing the Forecast with Other Users
Approving the Forecast
Understanding Forecast Accuracy and Exceptions

Analyzing the Forecast Accuracy in Worksheets
Setting Exception Filtering
Running Exception Filtering
Understanding Workflows
Understanding a Sample Exception Workflow
Using Configure to Order

Describing What Configure to Order (CTO) Is and How it Fits Within the Oracle VCP Product Line
Understanding the CTO Forecasting Process
Understanding the Demantra CTO Worksheets, Series and Levels
Changing Demand in a CTO Worksheet and Generating Forecasts
Working Offline

Setting up Your Offline Environment
Exporting Worksheets
Working Offline
Uploading Changes to the Server
Exporting Worksheet Combination Data to Excel
Sharing Worksheets by URL

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