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Appian BPM Overview
Appian BPM is a business process management solutionthat can help users to manage work automations, business processes and social collaboration across the enterprise for customers, employees and systems. The software offers on-premise, cloud-based SaaS or PaaS deployment options with complete portability. Users can easily access to social, analytics and other functions from any internet-enabled device. 

Appian BPM Typical Customers
Appian BPM is perfect for companies of all shapes and sizes: starting from small business to large and multinational enterprises. Companies that are looking for a model application platform to drive better business actions, decisions and results can try this software. Amazon, US Army and Department of Treasury are some of the clients of Appian BPM. 

Appian BPM Features
Appian BPM comes with real-time reporting, business process automation, native-mobile apps support, easy data recovery and navigation, complete platform availability in both on-premise and cloud and social capabilities. The end user feature of this solution includes reports and analytics, mobile access, case management, social collaboration, records, news and alerts, social profile, document management and sharepoint. It’s easy for business users to work from anywhere, anytime with these features. 

Users can manage all the documents, all the collaborations and all the processes from one single solution from any internet enabled device using a simple, user-friendly social interface. The solution can enable developers and designers to create powerful enterprise applications with its modern framework that offers mobile development, enterprise records, intelligent analytics, user-interface design, complex event processing, process management, business rules, content management, SOA & integration and cloud BPM deployment features. 

Appian BPM 5 Pros 

  • Appian BPM offers cloud based SaaS or PaaS and on premise deployment options for users
  • Appian BPM is perfect for companies of all shapes and sizes starting from small companies to large enterprises
  • The customer support of Appian BPM offers phone and online support for users
  • The business process management solution offers a user community where users can share their problems with each other
  • The process modeling feature of this BPM solution is highly intuitive and user-friendly

Appian BPM Alternatives
Pega BPM and ActiveMatrix BPM are the competitors of Appian BPM. Pega BPM comes with campaign progress monitoring, work process automation, multiple channel support, correction action suggestions, visual models and metaphors generating features. However, the software doesn’t offer process simulation feature. 

ActiveMatrix BPM is another popular business process management solution with process routing suggestions, visual analytics, process workflows creating, user page flows support and mobile client features. However, the software doesn’t offer SaaS or PaaS deployment option for users. 

Appian BPM Pricing Information
Appian BPM’s pricing plans are only available by request. People interested to try this software can check out Appian BPM software videos in their official website. 

Other Alternatives - BPM PRODUCTS

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Adaptive Planning is a cloud based application developed to facilitate operations such as budgeting, reporting, forecasting, performance indicator analysis, cost accounting and consolidation..

Oracle Hyperion
Oracle Hyperion is planning software designed to support planning, forecasting and budgeting needs of large companies, and facilitate them in evaluating the business and making relevant decisions.

BOARD All In One
BOARD All In One is a software comprising of all the functionalities necessary to build any Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence application without having to rely on any programming.

HP Helion Cloud Compute
HP Helion Cloud Compute is a virtual cloud networking solution for businesses of all sizes. It offers cross-platform support, virtualization, bulk data import, and other services. The software was designed and launched by Hewlett-Packard

Oracle GRC Controls
Oracle GRC Controls is a risk and compliance management solution for businesses of all sizes. The software minimizes reliance on manual controls and reduces the risk of fraud.

NAV (formerly "Navision") is a fully integrated business solution that allows you to connect all divisions. About enterprise boundaries to work with customers, suppliers and business partners over the Internet -. anywhere, at any time , the solution is quick to implement, easy to customize, easy to use and maintain.


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