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E-ATS (Enormous Applicant Tracking System)

Efficiency & speed are the key of a successful recruitment cycle in the modern era to strive in fast paced recruiting scenario. EATS offers tremendous reliability & speed for today’s dynamic environment. It equips recruiters to be on the top of the other competitors.
EATS offers the following advantages:

  • Comprehensive Module to enable candidate sourcing from multiple sources
  • Job Posting at multiple sourcing with just one click.
  • Real time tracking of candidate’s progress
  • Record candidate history & recruiters comments as well as feedback
  • Managing Candidate’s documents.
  • Connect with Customer, Candidate and your internal team.
  • Assign Task and evaluate the performance of your recruitment staffs.

E-Payroll (Enormous Payroll Application)

Enormous Payroll Application will manage end to end payroll of your company which includes processing of employees’ salary, generating all statutory and compliances reports, and managing transfer of salary to bank accounts of employees. All you have to do is to inputs of new joiners and resignees, along with details of variable payments like incentives, bonuses, etc. for existing employees. You can inputs upload an excel sheet or inputs directly in our payroll software from your customer self-service login. 
1. Payroll Management
2. Salary slips generations
3. 24x7 web access and support for all the employee and payroll admin query (IVR and customer care executives)
4. Generating all levels of reports.

E-EPM (Enormous Employee Performance Management)

E-EPM is a robust and web-based product that can quickly take your Performance Appraisal process online. It assists your employees, managers, HR and the leadership to conduct appraisals in an effective, accurate and timely manner.
E-EPM allows you complete control over the process with options for your own remarks, integration with other modules and supports many different templates and workflows to jump start your appraisal process.
You can configure everything in the process including content, layout, approval process, notifications, visibility rules, score calculations, ratings and validations. Configure performance appraisal system with preconfigured forms.

Employee profile/comments displayed to manager in E-EPM can display all the historical information on employees including salary and increments history, rewards and recognitions, goal achievements, manager notes, training details, skill sheets and other parameters of the appraisal process. This can assist managers in rating the employee accurately. 

EeSHOP (Enormous eShop)

EeSHOP enable small enterprise business to sale their product on Electronic Media.
EeSHOP provide:

  • Add product
  • Remove Product
  • Manage Product
  • Sale Product
  • Receive Payment and Track the Order Status

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